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Gaia is considered one of the best rock bands in Peru. 
With 4 albums released and a 12 year carrer, Gaia has also one of the most commited and active Fanclubs which follows the band and their projects everywhere they go, including abroad concerts like their recent Chilean Tour this year.
Rolling Stone Magazine says: "One of the most resounding rock bands in Peru" and included them in their top 100 songs chart, like MTV when they included the band in their Top 10 videos, top 100 videos and considered the band for the "mtv Buzz promotion" being the first peruvian band to achieve this recognition.
Gaia has opened shows for world-class rock bands like Guns ´n Roses, Collective Soul and Sebastian Bach, and has shared stage with great latinamerican bands in big and massive concerts.
Gaia is the first band in latinamerica to allow free full download of their entire discography from their website, which revolutionized peruvian music industry and allowed the band to reach bigger audiences.
The band has performed in front of over 25,000 people and is considered to be one of the best live shows in the country with an amazing stage presence and a close and powerful interaction with the audience.
for more information visit the bands facebook page:

for full download of their music visit: 

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